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Video curators watch hundreds of videos, gather the best video in playlists on YouTube or another website, and distributes the channel to a network of fans. All you have to do is sign up for a YouTube account , create a... More »
Sometimes you may want to embed a video, and sometimes you may want to link to it or share it in another way. We'll explore the options, and you'll be sharing YouTube videos in no time. If you see a link that says "Vie... More »
Video game playing, as one of a range of recreational activities, may not be harmful or indicate an addiction. In addition, cautionary messages from groups such as the American Medical Association, which believes that ... More »
There is consistency - all candidates are asked the same set of questions. It's important though to understand how the process works, so you can interview professionally. Review more advice and suggestions on how to p... More »
However, not all videos are created equal and it's easy to waste money on videos you'll never use. If you've been exercising for three months, you're intermediate and if you've been working out for more than three month... More »
Apr 20, 2016 ... Violent video games and other media violence can "teach" children to behave aggressively. Learn the results of a study of more than 3000 ... More »
Patterns like small dots or stripes can be less attractive than solids so think about a color to wear that is easy on the eye and a pattern that won't be distracting to your viewer. The all-new Skype's high-quality vide... More »